Your website is more-than-likely the first place your clients will learn about your small-business. Small business websites are key to attracting new customers. They learn in a glance if you are a reputable business and decide very quickly if your small business is the right fit for their needs. Imagine a small business therapist in Edina, MN that doesn’t have a website. Would you trust that therapist? How about a small business spa or salon in Edina, MN that had a horrendous website and was not mobile friendly. Do you want to get your nails done at that location? No, you’ll move onto the next place and find a business with a website that looks appealing and professional. Minnesota Creative makes it easy to get your small business a beautifully designed and developed website. Our expert web design and development team are up with the latest techniques and technologies. We have spent years and years honing our website craft, continually evolving and improving and have amazing results to show for it. Taking a mundane website and turning it into something special, something that you will be proud to say is your website. That is what we strive for. “Joyce, you’ve got to check out my new website from Volono! It’s beautiful. Just type Child Psychologist St. Paul, MN in Google and there I am. First listing!” Nothing is more gratifying to us then when you fall in love with your website and want to show it off.

More-and-more people are using their smart phones to research and discover local businesses. The need for a website that accommodates multiplatform devices is essential for your website platform. At Minnesota Creative we use industry leading Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) for our approach to your website and mobile design. Your website has to look and operate great on everything from Desktop to mobile. Minnesota Creative utilizes User Interface Design principles to it’s advantage. On a mobile device you want users get the content they want fast. The design should be beautiful, but it shouldn’t get in the way of the content or task the user wants to achieve. Minnesota Creative website and mobile experts help find the balance needed in today’s device centric world. “Joyce check out my website on your phone, it’s so unbelievably awesome.” That’s the reaction we want from you when you fall in love with your Minnesota Creative website.


At Minnesota Creative we approach small-business website design and development with the same industry leading User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) principles that we’ve employed with fortune 500 companies. Don’t be frightened, we make it easy on you. It can be a simple 5min – 10min conversation for a small business website. If you’re a large organization, we will of course spend more time, but the principles are the same. We first start by defining what your website and mobile objectives are to achieve your business goals. You might want a simple website refresh or you might want to really amp up your marketing efforts and do a complete new brand identity. We ascertain what the goals are for your small business and then identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Then we put in action what the best web and mobile strategies are for you and your business.

For example; you own a nail salon in Edina, MN named Edina Spa and Salon. You have a website, but you aren’t in love with your site. Your cousin’s nephew who know a little bit about web design build you a WordPress website for his high school senior project. You were excited that you were getting a free website, but over the last 3 years you realize that you’re not “in love” with your site. It’s not responsive, the footer still says Copyright 2013 and the Edina Spa and Salon is nowhere to be found on any search. Then you discover Volono. Minnesota Creative asks you what do you want to achieve, where do you want to take your website presence? And maybe you don’t know what is even possible, but you know you want a web site you are proud of. One that is looks and operates great on every device. You want options. Options to put your site in the app stores and get more visibility on search engines. Minnesota Creative makes it easy. We listen, we care and we take your old worn-out website and bring it to life. Minnesota Creative's solutions are turnkey just sit back and fall in love with your website.

Your success is our success. If you are happy we are happy. Minnesota Creative not only delivers a world-class website at an affordable price point for small-business we also deliver incomparable customer service. You are our client; you are what makes Minnesota Creative successful. We reconcile that without you we have no business nor growth. You are our number one reason we put in the extra effort. To help you get the results you deserve. Our goal is you to tell everyone you know how much you love your site and website company.

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I don’t have time to do a new website for my business. WRONG. You’ll be amazed at how easy and turnkey Minnesota Creative's website design and development can be for your small businesses.

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