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Video Production Overview

If picture is worth 1000 words how many words if a video worth? Video can convey so much about your business and V0lono's creative videography brings your business to life. Some of the best results come from a video that isn't contrived or salesy. People watching video content want to be educated, entertained or engaged in the video content. There is a reason that YouTube has risen to the 2nd largest search engine in the world. More-and-more people are watching video online and on their mobile devices. We can help you get a video presence online whatever your budget is.

Our Minnesota Creative experts are passionate about getting your video perfect. The goal would be to help customers know who you are and why they should choose your business over the guy/gal across the street. Video is one of the most effective channel to communicated your message and your brand. Leverage Minnesota Creative's expertise in creative video production. Minnesota Creative's video creative team has worked with some of most recognizable brands in the united states and we will put that knowledge to work for you and your business. The video we produce for you can be used anywhere you choose. YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Google Maps etcetera. Your video will help your potential client get better acquainted with you and your business. Thy will be able to see the nuances that make you stand out from the crowd. We make it easy to convey the emotional essence of your business with a professional Minnesota Creative video production.

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Benifits of Website Videos

Adding video to your website has numerous benefits that go beyond the aesthetic of your site. Of course, having video will increase engagement and help educated potential clients about who your company is and what makes your company different from your competition. The less known benefit of adding video to your web site is the Search Engine Optimization(SEO) using video. When Google purchased YouTube in November of 2006 it became clear the importance video would play in website organic search rankings. YouTube has now grown to be the second largest search engine in the world and monthly video views on YouTube and other video channels are skyrocketing. Whatever number I would put here today would literally be outdated before I finish this sentence.

The Minnesota Creative team has had cocktails and dinner with folks from Google. During these intimate conversations we listened very carefully to what the best practices are for getting the most out of video for the web. And what we discovered and are learning from Google's best practices we will apply to your overall website SEO and Video strategy. There are ways to help boost organic traffic to your site using video and you don't have to publish gobs of content. The most important content, video or otherwise, is relevant content about you, the products, services, and solutions you provide.

OK, enough about SEO. Let face it video is Sexy. Sex sells? What the heck does that mean to Steve the plumber? Unless, Steve was a former a Fitness trainer then became a plumber, let's be real what's sexy about your pluming, dentist, or therapy, etc.. business? Well that's where Minnesota Creative comes in. We make your business sexy. Not in the "I want you baby" sexy way, but in the "wow, Steve the plumber seems reputable and I want him to help me fix my dishwasher" June Cleaver kind of way. Reputable, respected, knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced. Those are the sexy attributes we want to convey with your Video. Minnesota Creative creative staff has the right perfect story telling formula that can put you and your business in the spot light.

Video Types

Minnesota Creative has a variety of ways to use video. One first step into video is a Business Summary Video about you and your organization. Minnesota Creative makes it easy. We can take the content from your website and produce a basic Business Summary Video. We do recommend a full shoot, with a Minnesota Creative director, and a cast from your business, but we understand that may be too much to for your first entry into video. Our Business Summary Video using a lifestyle approach are something truly unique and used to be something only large corporations could afford. Minnesota Creative makes lifestyle Business Summary Video affordable for your small business.

Another great entry into video is a Product Video Demonstration. If you have a product you would like to highlight, Minnesota Creative has a methodology like nothing you've seen before. Our video philosophy isn't a hard sales video. We take a more progressive, emotionally engaging video approach. Our friends at Google call these type of videos Micro-moments. Imagine a viewer getting immersed in the lifestyle of your product or service. They can emotionally connect with video production like they are watching a show. Video, graphics, music and voice engage the user for highest potential engagement.

What was once only available to huge budgets can now be used for your small business. Imagine a lifestyle video that showcases your service, your company or your product. Or if you are a real estate agency with a truly exceptional property, imagine a video where a woman arriving home from work pulls up to a house in an expensive car. Pop music playing in the background. One of Minnesota Creative's actress gets out of her BMW3 series and walks into a dream house. She closes the front door throws her keys and purse on the side chair siting on a magnificent marble foyer floor and heads to the spacious kitchen with granite counter island for a glass of red wine. Then she proceeded to walk through various rooms in the gorgeous house as various features of the home are pointed out with innovated text overlays. You get the picture? A product lifestyle video, these are special. And combined with a beautiful Minnesota Creative website they are truly amazing. Check out a demo.

LifeStyle Video Example - A Smart Way to Sell

Product or Business Lifestyle Videos from Minnesota Creative are something truly exceptional. They sell by tapping into the psychology of your buyers not by hitting them over the head with brute force.

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Video is too expensive for my business. WRONG. You'll be amazed at how affordable Volono;s videos productions can be for small businesses.

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