As the saying goes, "a picture is worth 1000 words." Visual communication is so important for your website. At Minnesota Creative you have the option to have authentic photos of your products or services. Our professional photography team makes it easy. You don't have to flip the bill for some outlandish director of photography. Minnesota Creative comes in sets=up and captures the essence of your business. Customers respond better to true, authentic images more than stock images. However, sometimes stock images are the best route and it really depends on the situation.

At Minnesota Creative we believe there is a place for both real imagery and stock photography. It's not an all-or-nothing approach. You can mix and match. The crucial aspect to remember is that you are communicating who your small business is through your website design. It is your first handshake after all, and you do want it to be the best first impression you can make.


Image you are a phycologist in the Twin Cities. Heck let's say St. Paul, MN. Wouldn't it be great for you to have images of your office, interacting with really clients, giving potential customers a glimpse into what it would be like to go to therapy at your office? Jane Paulus, a realtor at Edina Realty once told me "we are a non-reading society." Jane is a brilliant marketer and fantastic realtor to boot. What she said 10 years ago still holds true today. We will receive more information more quickly from imagery and video than we would by reading 10 paragraphs of text. Realtors know the power of images. The last time you looked for a house or an apartment, did you first go to the huge block of text or did you look at the images. Right, the photos. After you find one that sparks your interest then you dig in deeper and invent the time reading about the estate or house you are reviewing.

Imagine is a plumber, carpenter, builder, dentist, nail salon, hair salon, phycologist, psychiatrist, doctor, moving company, the list goes on of small business that would benefit by marketing their website the same way a realtor does? Wouldn't it be beneficial? I know, you hate seeing yourself in photos. Stop that negativity. You look great! And if you don't Minnesota Creative will make you look great with the magic of PhotoShop.

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Video is too expensive for my business. WRONG. You'll be amazed at how affordable Minnesota Creative's videos productions can be for small businesses.

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