MAILBOX, used at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1965 is accredited as the first email system. Email has greatly evolved since then and it is still one of the more effective communication, marketing and advertising tools in your marketing arsenal. Email campaigns done right can grab the attention and keep your customers well informed of you and your business. Minnesota Creative, through great design helps your email blasts communicate effectively. Minnesota Creative email solutions offer options. We can help establish templates for you to use for lifecycle marketing, standard sales email blasts, and/or newsletter programs. We can simply design an email campaign template(s) that you use or Minnesota Creative can put together an entire email strategy and do the email sending as well.

Minnesota Creative understands email design trends. You’ve undoubtedly heard of responsive website design, but what about your email campaigns? The explosive grown of smartphones means more-and-more people are checking their email on-the-go. Shouldn’t your email campaigns be responsive as well? At Minnesota Creative we approach email design from a mobile first perspective. If your email campaigns look incredible on a phone, then you’ll be more than a click-through ahead of your competition.

Have you heard of E.V.E.? No not the first woman conceived from Adam’s rib. However Embedded Video Email or E.V.E. is a first to allow a user to watch a video within an email client like Outlook Online. Research shows that E.V.E. can more than double the amount of click-throughs for an email campaign.

There are three ways to embed video in an email. First is a simple image that contains a video play button and/or link that clicks to a landing page that plays a video. Second is an animated .GIF image that shows running footage of a video. And lastly with the advent of HTML5 a video can be directly embedded in your email using a video tag, this is holy grail of E.V.E. Currently, not all email clients support HTML5 video embedding, however Minnesota Creative uses a waterfall technique, so that even if an email client doesn’t support embedded video it still displays an animated or static image. Coupled with Minnesota Creative's lifestyle marketing videos, E.V.E. can truly set you and your business apart. Love your email campaigns. Minnesota Creative, it’s go time.

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